Present Simple/Present Continuous

EXERCISE 1: Writing a Story
This morning…
 Step 1: Everyone take out a sheet of paper. Write one sentence on it in either present simple or present continuous. After you have written it, pass it to the next person.

Step 2: Do the same thing, except with a NEW sentence. Then fold over the top so the first sentence is covered.

Be goofy! Be funny! We’ll see what stories you can come up with!

EXERCISE 2: English Idioms

1) You are pulling my leg!

2) It’s raining cats and dogs!

3) I am getting cold feet.

4) I think he is just blowing off steam.

5) Well that’s the pot calling the kettle black!

6) I smell a rat.

7) He is out of his element.

8 ) I am down in the dumps today.

9) You are on the ball tonight!

10) Hmm, well that rings a bell.


1) To not believe someone.

2) A very hard and strong rain.

3) To become scared or afraid.

4) To vent or show anger.

5) To insult someone else, when you are just as much at fault.

6) To trick someone.

7) To be very uncomfortable.

8 ) To be depressed.

9) To be doing well, to be capable.

10) To sound familiar.

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