Writing a “Letter of Motivation” a.k.a. a “Cover Letter”

Dear Mr./Ms./Dr. etc.,
Dear Sir or Madam,
To whom it may concern,

I am writing in response…
I believe this position is…
I am applying for…
My strengths are…
My qualifications are…
My skills are such that…

My native language is…(German)
I have an excellent command of…(English)
I have attached my resume…
Please feel free to contact me with questions.


Yours sincerely,
Respectfully yours,
Best regards,

British and American English

There are sometimes differences between British and American English and conventions. Here is a guide to some of the most important differences for your CV/resume and covering letter. But remember, this is a guide only – there are no strict rules. For example, some British people like to use ‘American’ words, and some American people like to use ‘British’ words.

British (European) American
CV/curriculum vitae resumé
resume, CV
covering letter cover letter
covering letter
Standard paper size:
A4 (210 x 297 millimetres)
Standard paper size:
Letter (8 1/2 x 11 inches)
Mrs Ms
Dear Sirs Gentlemen, Dear Sir
Yours faithfully Yours truly
Yours sincerely Sincerely
Sincerely yours
Yours truly
Managing Director (MD) Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
General Manager
date format: DD/MM/YY
example: 30/12/99
30 December 1999
date format: MM/DD/YY
example: 12/30/99
December 31st, 1999
labour, organise, prioritise labor, organize, prioritize

General Tips:

1) Research where you are applying
2) Give reasons why you should be hired
3) Show something you did
4) Try not to use a template too often
5) Keep it to 1 page
6) Use a permanent address

Concern: to relate to, to be about
Position: A placement
Qualification: A quality, skill or ability that fits a person
Command: to control or be able to easily use
Sincerely: genuine, truly felt
Regards: Feelings of respect
Prioritize: to put in order of most to least important

If Time: Look for any of the above things in my cover letter attached.
Cover Letter for “Accenture”

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