The American System of Checks and Balances + Electing a President

1) When the government was created, a system of Checks and Balances was made.
What do “Check” and “Balance” actually mean?

2) What are the 3 branches of government in the USA?
What role do each of the branches play?

3) How do you think Americans vote? How do you vote in Austria?


Flow Chart: Checks and Balances

Power  Which Branch Has The Power? Which Branch’s Power is Being Checked?
(Could be more than one)
 1) Create and pass legislation.    
2) Veto bills.    
3) Ratify treaties.    
4) Appoint Federal judges.    
5) Impeachment of federal
6) Confirm the appointment
of presidential appointments. 
7) Declare laws unconstitutional.    
8) Override Presidential Vetoes.    
9) Judges are appointed for life.    
10) Controls appropriations of


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