Weather Keywords

First a look at the weather:

Tornado Season in the Midwest:
The Great Plains, where tornados are made!

What’s the difference between a hurricane and a tornado?

Activity: Guess what the weather idiom means!

1) I see him once in a blue moon.

2) I am up on cloud nine today!

3) She’s a real fair-weather friend.

4) It’s raining cat’s and dogs today!

5) It never rains, but it pours!

6) You think we’re ok, but it’s just the eye of the storm.

7) I am really feeling under the weather today.

8) I am completely snowed in at work!

9) What’s up with him? He’s got a face like thunder today.

10) She completely stole my thunder tonight!

11) Can we take a rain-check on that?

12) I am saving my money for a rainy day.

13) That exam was a breeze!

14) He threw caution to the wind when he quit his job!

15) He caused a real storm in a teacup over his lost sock.

Unscramble the names:

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