Shop ’til You Drop!! Shopping in America

ROLE PLAY: It’s Chritmas Eve! You need to buy presents for your entire family AND get food for the party AND buy a new party outfit. Plan your day in Austria…where would you go to buy these things?

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Let’s name some American stereotypes. Do any of these stereotypes match up with the shopping lifestyle?

“Retail therapy. Shopping. Eye candy bliss. As you travel the country near and far for business or pleasure, you’ll most like engage in a certain American pastime: Shopping at the mall” –

Shopping Mall

Some people find it overwhelming enough to need to tips:

Walmart, A new Kind of Store:

But it does give rise to some bad stereotypes…

Malls in the USA:

Malls near me:

ROLE PLAY 2: The same situation as above, but this time use one of the mall websites. Where would you shop in America?

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