There are all sorts of ways to look at Marketing:

Marketing Mix, 4 P’s

Hierarchy of Effects Model

What are some different ways of Advertising?

Billboards, uniquely American:


Different Ad techniques:

Patriotism:  associating products with your country

Slogan:  identifies product or service with an idea

Logo:  identifies product or service with a symbol

Snob Appeal:  associates product or service with a personality or lifestyle

Cause and Effect:  use this product or service and your problems will disappear

Emotional Appeal: uses emotion to sell a product or service (pity, happiness,etc.)

Price Appeal:  consumers will be getting something extra for less money

Testimonial:  someone endorses the product

Sex Appeal: the product will enhance you sexual attractiveness.

Bandwagon:  uses peer pressure to influence the consumer. If everyone else is doing it so should you.

Transfer:  associates the product with words or ideas that may or may not be related to the product.  The association seeks to transfer certain qualities to the product.

Name Calling:  the advertiser compares its product or service to the competition in a way that is favorable to the advertiser.

Humor: the advertiser makes you laugh

Shock: the advertiser deliberately shocks or upsets the viewer

Celoebrity Endorsements: A celebrity is paid to support a product

What do we know about each of these ads?
1) What’s being advertised?
2) What tactic does the ad use?
3) Who is the target market?
4) What is the main message of the ad?
5) Does this make you want to buy the product?

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FedEx Kinkos Advertisement

Logos Quiz:

Clever ads:

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