There are all sorts of ways to look at Marketing:

Marketing Mix, 4 P’s

Hierarchy of Effects Model

What are some different ways of Advertising?

Billboards, uniquely American:


Different Ad techniques:

Patriotism:  associating products with your country

Slogan:  identifies product or service with an idea

Logo:  identifies product or service with a symbol

Snob Appeal:  associates product or service with a personality or lifestyle

Cause and Effect:  use this product or service and your problems will disappear

Emotional Appeal: uses emotion to sell a product or service (pity, happiness,etc.)

Price Appeal:  consumers will be getting something extra for less money

Testimonial:  someone endorses the product

Sex Appeal: the product will enhance you sexual attractiveness.

Bandwagon:  uses peer pressure to influence the consumer. If everyone else is doing it so should you.

Transfer:  associates the product with words or ideas that may or may not be related to the product.  The association seeks to transfer certain qualities to the product.

Name Calling:  the advertiser compares its product or service to the competition in a way that is favorable to the advertiser.

Humor: the advertiser makes you laugh

Shock: the advertiser deliberately shocks or upsets the viewer

Celoebrity Endorsements: A celebrity is paid to support a product

What do we know about each of these ads?
1) What’s being advertised?
2) What tactic does the ad use?
3) Who is the target market?
4) What is the main message of the ad?
5) Does this make you want to buy the product?

1024x768 nationwide 50+ Extremely Clever Ads from Around the World

FedEx Kinkos Advertisement

Logos Quiz:

Clever ads:


A Brief Look into American and British Politics

America vs Britain

Emphasis on America

Shop ’til You Drop!! Shopping in America

ROLE PLAY: It’s Chritmas Eve! You need to buy presents for your entire family AND get food for the party AND buy a new party outfit. Plan your day in Austria…where would you go to buy these things?

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Let’s name some American stereotypes. Do any of these stereotypes match up with the shopping lifestyle?

“Retail therapy. Shopping. Eye candy bliss. As you travel the country near and far for business or pleasure, you’ll most like engage in a certain American pastime: Shopping at the mall” –

Shopping Mall

Some people find it overwhelming enough to need to tips:

Walmart, A new Kind of Store:

But it does give rise to some bad stereotypes…

Malls in the USA:

Malls near me:

ROLE PLAY 2: The same situation as above, but this time use one of the mall websites. Where would you shop in America?

What is allowed? What is not allowed?

What do you think each of these signs means?

Now if you were to run your own country, what would you allow??


Discussing Art

Discussion qwuestions (from ESL Lesson Plans):

1) Have you got any pictures on your wall at home? In your room? How did you choose them?
2) How important is art to you?
3) Have you ever been to an art gallery or museum? Did you enjoy it?
4) Do you think art gallieries and museums should be free?
5) What type of art is your favorite? (abstract, classical, sculpture etc.)
6) Who is your favorite artist? What is your favorite piece of art?

File:Great Wave off Kanagawa2.jpg
The Great Wave off Kanagawa: Katsushika Hokusai, Japan, 1830-1833

Nighthawks: Edward Hopper, America, 1942

Poppies Blooming, Claude Monet, France, 1873

Self-Portrait, Frida Kahlo, 1940

Jackson Pollock, America, 1940

Venus de Milo, 130-100 BC, Greece, Alexandros from Antioch

The Kiss, Gustav Klimt, Austria, 1907

File:Reconstruction of the temple of Jerusalem.jpg

Reconstruction of the temple in Jerusalem, 1460


What can be art?
Architecture? Books? Poetry?
Video Games?


Weather Keywords

First a look at the weather:

Tornado Season in the Midwest:
The Great Plains, where tornados are made!

What’s the difference between a hurricane and a tornado?

Activity: Guess what the weather idiom means!

1) I see him once in a blue moon.

2) I am up on cloud nine today!

3) She’s a real fair-weather friend.

4) It’s raining cat’s and dogs today!

5) It never rains, but it pours!

6) You think we’re ok, but it’s just the eye of the storm.

7) I am really feeling under the weather today.

8) I am completely snowed in at work!

9) What’s up with him? He’s got a face like thunder today.

10) She completely stole my thunder tonight!

11) Can we take a rain-check on that?

12) I am saving my money for a rainy day.

13) That exam was a breeze!

14) He threw caution to the wind when he quit his job!

15) He caused a real storm in a teacup over his lost sock.

Unscramble the names:

The USA vs. UK

1) Here is a powerpoint showing some words, stereotypes and foods that differ between the USA and UK. See if you can guess which is which:

The UK vs USA

Eating Disorders, Diets & Body Image

Pinned Image

Supersize vs. Superskinny: Do you think it’s good or bad?

Would you rather…

1) Smoke and drink as much as you want in life and die at 50, or never smoke and never drink and die at 100?

2) Would you rather have 2 extra years of life or the perfect body?

3) Would you rather go without bread your entire life or without meat?


I want to lose weight, but I can’t control my eating splurges! Like, I’ll come home from school and totally pig out, even if I am not hungry! The food just looks so good, so I snarf it down. Do diet pills work and are they safe? What about laxatives?


“Sometimes I am not hungry for a week to two weeks at a time. I eat a little but not a lot (I barely touch my food). I try to eat but I am just not hungry. Then other weeks I am really hungry all the time, but I try to moderate what I eat so I don’t overeat. But other times I am right in the middle. Is this normal or healthy?”


I am underweight. I don’t have an eating disorder; I just have a fast metabolism. I want to know how I can gain some weight and not stick out like a sore thumb for being so thin.

Best and Worst Dieting Tips:,,20307157,00.html

Advertising Survey:

Farming in the U-S-A!!

Here is my powerpoint on farming in the USA. Enjoy!

Farm Facts USA


School System in The USA

Powerpoint on the USA School System: