All-American Sweet-Treats

Serve with: Maple syrup, fruit, butter, nutella or any other topping.

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies:

Cinnamon Rolls:


Apple Pie:

Gooey Butter Cake:




Food in America


Here are some foods specific to the USA:

10 Foods you can thank America for.

In St. Louis alone we have lots of ethnic food:



Mexican, Peruvian, Chinese, Croatian, Syrian, Vietnamese, Thai, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Turkish




10 Regional American Foods




File:Giordano's Deep Dish Pizza.jpg


File:Clinton Street Baking Co. & Restaurant Eggs Benedict.jpg



(See nutrition facts in the previous post)

State Fair Foods

Nutrition: What’s good? What’s too much?

o Do you know the difference between these words?


Check out these stats:

US Statistics

Why do you think the obesity trends begin in the South?

Don’t be fooled by these snacks:

What can you do about it?


Can being healthy/organic go too far?

Discussion Questions:

  1. How often do you eat out?
  2. Where do you usually go when you eat out?
  3. Do you like Japanese/Italian/Mexican … food?
  4. Do you ever eat greasy/salty/spicy/sweet food?
  5. Do you know how to order food in English?
  6. Do you ever eat fast food?
  7. Did you enjoy eating out in other countries you have visited? Which country had the best food?
  8. Do you worry about calories and fat content when you eat out?
  9. Do you ever leave a tip at a restaurant? How much?
  10. Do you like eating at buffets? Why or why not?
  11. Why do you think westerners are usually heavier than Asians?
  12. Do you like to try new restaurants, or do you prefer to go to those you have already been to?
  13. What types of take-away food do you enjoy eating?
  14. Are you a vegetarian? Why (not)?
  15. Who usually does the cooking in your family?
  16. Do you think that you lead a healthy life? Explain why (not).
  17. Do you pay much attention to what you eat?
  18. Do you try to eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner at a certain time every day?
  19. Do you think diets are useful or not?
  20. What is your attitude to smoking?  What is the influence of smoking on health? What about passive smoking?
  21. How many hours of sleep do you need daily? If you don’t sleep enough, how do you feel and look?
  22. How do you usually cope with stress?
  23. What would you prefer, to eat everything you like, drink a lot, smoke, have no physical exercise and die at the age of 60 or lead a healthy life and live until 100?

The American System of Checks and Balances + Electing a President

1) When the government was created, a system of Checks and Balances was made.
What do “Check” and “Balance” actually mean?

2) What are the 3 branches of government in the USA?
What role do each of the branches play?

3) How do you think Americans vote? How do you vote in Austria?


Flow Chart: Checks and Balances

Power  Which Branch Has The Power? Which Branch’s Power is Being Checked?
(Could be more than one)
 1) Create and pass legislation.    
2) Veto bills.    
3) Ratify treaties.    
4) Appoint Federal judges.    
5) Impeachment of federal
6) Confirm the appointment
of presidential appointments. 
7) Declare laws unconstitutional.    
8) Override Presidential Vetoes.    
9) Judges are appointed for life.    
10) Controls appropriations of


US Regional Stereotypes.

Regional Stereotypes USA

Sure you know stereotypes about Americans, but what about stereotypes Americans have for themselves?

Merry Christmas!

Here is my Christmas Trivia PowerPoint!

Christmas in America!

Globalization Part 2: Political Cartoons

What can you figure out about these pictures?

China's new construction

America's real debt


Today is one of my favorite holidays! Thanksgiving! Here’s what it’s all about:

The story of an American Thanksgiving:

-Based on a Harvest festival
-1621 celebration in Plymouth, Massachusetts
-The Plymouth colony didn’t have enough food, so the Wampanoag tribe helped
-Gave seeds and taught them how to fish

Now it’s a big deal today!

Takes place on the 4th Sunday of November (Abraham Lincoln, civil War reasons)
The first Thanksgiving:

Thanksgiving Taditions:

The Food!


The Macys Day Parade!


My Thanksgiving, 2010:


What is Globalization?
The increasing unification of the world’s  economic order through the reduction of barriers to international trade.
(tariffs, import quotas, export fees)

What does that really mean?
National borders are becoming less important in business.
International products are easier to find.


Question 1:  What is this an example of?

File:Silk route.jpg

This is a map of the “Silk Road” and Indian “Spice Trade” that began in China and lasted until 1453.

Question 2: What is the most popular international franchise?
File:Subway world map1edit.png

Subway was founded in the USA in 1965. It now has over 35,519 restaurants in 98 countries.

Question 3: What else is the Mcdonalds Big Mac used for besides eating?

To measure purchasing power parity (PPP) in other countries.

Question 4: How was this map made?

By connecting friends worldwide using lines and dots. It created a map of the world.

Question 5: Why do we outsource? And where?

This is a map scaled to match population sizes. Why do you think we outsource to India and China now?

Question 6: Where was this photo take?

Question 7: What does all this mean for you? Good and bad?

Sporcle Quiz:

Activity: Think of everything you use/eat on a daily basis ad write it down.

Tariff: Extra price on goods brought into a country
Import Quota: Limit on the number of good brought into a country
Export Fee: Extra price on goods leaving a country
Purchasing Power Parity: The amount of money in each country it takes to buy the same goods.
Outsourcing: Hiring businesses in other countries to do part of your work

Tourist Destinations!


Click above to see some popular tourist destinations in English-speaking countries!